‘Another Alien’ Monolith Has Suddenly Appeared in Another Part of the U.S.

By: May Man Published: Jun 29, 2024

A mysterious monolith has suddenly appeared in Colorado.

This has left both locals and the property owners baffled about its origins.

Social Media Gold

Social media is awash with photos of the shiny, reflective structure, which stands about 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

Silver monolith in Colorado

Source: @Tahoe_Wolf, X

The monolith emerged on a piece of private property belonging to Rob and Lori Graves in Bellvue, Fort Collins, and is now firmly anchored to a concrete base.

“Alien Monolith”

Lori Graves shared her surprise with KDVR.

Silver Monolith in Colorado

Source: @RED_IN_PA, X

She stated “Someone came into the cafe and said, ‘Where is the monolith? Where is the alien monolith?'”

Keeping it a Mystery

Despite the curiosity, she admitted she doesn’t know who installed it but has some suspicions. “I almost don’t want to ruin the mystery around it. I’m not going to ask people,” she added.

UFO Unsolved Mystery Could Be Result of Advanced ‘Stealth Civilization’ on Earth

Source: Canva

The sudden appearance of the monolith has sparked a flurry of theories online.

Extraterrestrial Instalment

One popular notion, as with other monoliths, suggests it could be the work of extraterrestrials.

A photograph which appears to capture a UFO

Source: Wikimedia

On a Fort Collins subreddit, a user speculated that someone might have erected the monolith as a prank on a neighbor who is a believer in aliens and conspiracy theories.

Human Prank?

The user posted, “So I went to the alien structure, and asked around.”

construction tools laid out on wooden floor

Source: fabrikasimf, Freepik

“Apparently, the story is, one of the homeowners in the area believes in aliens and conspiracies; so his neighbor decided to build one, and set it up on the hill, to mess with him.”


Conspiracy Believer

“Sadly, nothing out of this world.”

Three UFOs flying over Earth

Source: PickPik

Theories and jokes abounded in the comments, with one user quipping, “I, for one, welcome our new monolith alien overlords.”


Adding Humor to Mystery

Another, u/Steven_G_Photos, humorously suggested, “Just the kind of explanation an alien conspirator would have in their back pocket, ready to cover over the evidence of their landing site!”

man holding a piece of paper in front of his face with a smiling face drawn on it

Source: rawpixel.com, Freepik

This isn’t the first time such a monolith has appeared unexpectedly.


Another Monolith Discovery

Earlier this month, a similar mirrored structure was found near Gass Peak, just north of Las Vegas.

Monolith in Las Vegas

Source: Wikimedia

The discovery was made by the Las Vegas Search & Rescue Organization, and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department shared a photo on X (formerly Twitter).


Across the US

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department remarked, “We see a lot of weird things when people go hiking like not being prepared for the weather, not bringing enough water… but check this out!”

Map of the United States of America

Source: iStock

Since November 2020, several similar monoliths have appeared across the United States, with the first being spotted in a remote area of the Utah desert.


Removed by Authorities

This original monolith was eventually removed by authorities to protect the local wildlife and landscape.

Photograph of a vast desert with little to no plants or wildlife

Source: Freepik

These intriguing structures vary in appearance; some are silver, others gold.


Monoliths Making Worldwide Appearances

They can have either a shiny or matte finish.

Shiny silver monolith in Isle of Wight

Source: Wikimedia

Monoliths have not only appeared in the U.S. but have also been discovered in other countries, including the U.K., Romania, and Colombia.