Daniel Miller, Texas Secessionist Lists 5 Other States He’s Working With

By: Sam Watanuki | Published: Jun 26, 2024

Daniel Miller, president of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), is leading efforts to promote state secession in the US.

His primary goal is to enable states to vote on whether they should remain part of the union. Miller’s recent activities have sparked renewed interest in state independence.

Collaboration with California's Calexit Campaign

Miller has been coordinating with Marcus Evans, who leads California’s Calexit campaign.

Californian flag flying above the clouds

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The Golden State’s secession movement focuses on the desire for more autonomy from federal governance, driven by California’s unique economic and social landscape. This collaboration highlights the cross-state nature of the independence efforts.

New Hampshire's Independence Efforts

Carla Gericke, leading New Hampshire’s independence movement, has reportedly been in contact with Miller for some time.

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New Hampshire’s push for independence is rooted in its strong libertarian values and a desire for more localized governance. Miller assists by providing strategic advice and support.

Alaskan Independence Party

The Alaskan Independence Party has a long history of advocating for state secession.

Aerial view of Fairbanks, AK skyline.

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Miller’s collaboration with Alaskan activists emphasizes their shared goal of gaining more control over state affairs, particularly regarding natural resources. Alaska boasts the highest percentage of pro-independence residents at 36%.

Florida's Emerging Secession Movement

Miller recently made contact with a new group in Florida, which is currently putting together its secessionist efforts. Florida’s movement is in its early stages, but Miller’s involvement aims to help them organize and articulate their goals effectively.

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The state’s unique political and demographic makeup makes it a significant addition to the secession dialogue.

Louisiana's Growing Independence Sentiment

Louisiana is another state where secessionist sentiment is gaining traction. Miller’s support is helping local activists develop their strategies and engage with residents.

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The movement in Louisiana is part of a broader trend of states questioning federal control and seeking more autonomy.


The Role of Popular Support in Secession Movements

Recent polling shows significant support for state secession across the US. States like Texas, Alaska, California, and New York have notable percentages of residents favoring independence.

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However, popular support alone is not sufficient for secession, as legal and constitutional challenges remain significant barriers.


Legal and Constitutional Challenges

Many legal scholars argue that the US Constitution does not allow for state secession.

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The historical precedent set by the Civil War further complicates these efforts. Despite these challenges, secessionist groups continue to push for the right to vote on their state’s future.


Impact of Border Issues on Texit

Miller cites the influx of asylum seekers at the Mexico border as a key reason for Texit. Texans feel that they could manage the border more effectively without federal intervention.

An aerial view of the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona seen in the daytime.

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This issue has fueled support for Texas independence, bringing the movement closer to its goals.


Influence of Popular Culture

The movie Civil War, depicting a fictional US divided by conflict, has resonated with many Americans.

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Miller believes the film’s portrayal of a nation torn apart is “100 percent plausible.” The movie’s success highlights the public’s interest in and concern over the possibility of state secession.


Strategic Coordination Among Secessionist Groups

Miller emphasizes the importance of strategic coordination among secessionist groups.

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He helps other leaders “rationalize” their plans and organize their efforts. This collective approach strengthens the movements and increases their chances of success.


The Future of Secession Movements

As the US faces ongoing political and social challenges, state secession movements are likely to remain a topic of interest. Miller’s work with various state groups highlights the growing desire for localized governance.

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The future of these movements will depend on their ability to navigate legal obstacles and garner widespread support.