Joe Biden Gets the Breakthrough He Needs With These Key Voters

By: Sam Watanuki | Published: Jun 21, 2024

President Joe Biden has recently seen a significant boost in the polls. A Fox News survey of 1,095 registered voters shows Biden leading his presumptive 2024 rival, Donald Trump, by two points.

This is the first time Biden has led Trump in a Fox News poll since October 2023.

Economic Optimism on the Rise

Voters are feeling more positive about the U.S. economy under Biden’s administration. According to the Fox News survey, 32% of respondents now believe the economy is in excellent or good shape, the highest rating during Biden’s tenure.

US President Joe Biden looks surprised while speaking/A spreadsheet with various numbers superimposed with arrows and dollar signs representing inflation/A small photo of a waving American flag

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This growing optimism marks a turning point for Biden.

Improved Handling of Inflation

Biden’s handling of inflation is receiving more approval than ever before. A record 37% of voters now approve of how Biden is managing inflation, up significantly from previous months.

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This increase in approval reflects the administration’s efforts to stabilize the economy.

Record Approval for Economic Management

The survey also found that 41% of voters approve of Biden’s overall handling of the economy.

Joe Biden sitting for a portrait photo in front of the American flag.

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This is Biden’s highest approval rate for economic management in more than two years. The improving economy appears to be a key factor in Biden’s rising poll numbers.

Biden’s New Immigration Policy

Biden’s recent executive order on immigration has positively impacted his approval ratings. The order allows for the quick removal of migrants who illegally enter the U.S. without processing their asylum requests when the system is overwhelmed.

People holding up signs. One sign says, “Immigrants make America great.” Another says, “No hate, no fear; refugees are welcome here!”

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This policy has increased Biden’s approval rating on immigration to 35%, up from 30% in May.

Shifting Voter Perceptions

The improvement in the economy is resonating with key voter demographics. Robert Harding, a political science professor at Valdosta State University, notes that the economic gains are particularly benefiting Biden’s base of educated urban and suburban voters.

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These groups are now more likely to support Biden due to the economic improvements.


Stock Market Success

The soaring stock market is also playing a role in Biden’s improved approval ratings.

A close-up of a green stock market graph.

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Many voters with investments and 401(k) retirement accounts are seeing significant gains, leading to increased financial security and support for Biden. This economic success is crucial for Biden as he heads into the election.


Erosion of Trump’s Economic Advantage

Trump’s perceived advantage on economic issues is diminishing.

Former president and candidate for the 2024 election, Donald Trump, speaks to an audience in front of several American flags

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In the latest Fox News survey, Trump leads Biden on the economy by only five points, down from a 13-point lead in May. This narrowing gap indicates that voters might be beginning to trust Biden’s economic policies more.


Immigration Advantage Narrows

Trump’s lead on immigration has also decreased. He now leads Biden by nine points, compared to a 15-point lead in May.

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This reduction in Trump’s advantage suggests that Biden’s tougher stance on immigration is resonating with voters.


Impact of Trump’s Legal Troubles

The latest Fox News poll is the first conducted since Trump’s conviction on 34 felony charges of falsifying business records.

Donald Trump with a serious look on his face. He is wearing a blue suit and tie and has a US flag pin on his suit.

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This historic conviction may be influencing voter perceptions, contributing to Biden’s recent polling success.


Biden’s Cabinet on the Offensive

Ahead of the first televised presidential debate on June 27, Biden’s cabinet is reportedly set to promote the administration’s economic achievements.

President Joe Biden speaks to an audience from the White House

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This strategic push aims to highlight the improvements and maintain the positive momentum in the polls.


Future Implications for the Election

With less than five months until the November election, Biden’s recent gains in the polls could significantly impact the election dynamics.

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As voters become more optimistic about the economy and Biden’s handling of immigration, his chances of re-election may continue to improve.