President Biden Gives Ominous Supreme Court Warning

By: May Man Published: Jun 18, 2024

At a Hollywood campaign event on Sunday, where he amassed a record-breaking $30 million, Joe Biden warned that Donald Trump’s potential presidency could significantly impact the Supreme Court’s composition.

The event underscored the high stakes of the upcoming election and the critical importance of judicial appointments in shaping the country’s future.

“Out of step”

“This has never been a court that’s so far out of step,” Biden remarked during a discussion at a campaign reception held at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, California.

The Supreme Court building seen in the daytime.

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He was joined by former President Barack Obama and comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

Roe vs. Wade

Biden highlighted the Supreme Court’s conservative majority decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade in June 2022, which ruled that there is no federal constitutional right to abortion.

A person holding a blue sign up that says “Keep abortion legal.”

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This decision marked a significant shift in American law, effectively allowing states to determine their own abortion laws, leading to a patchwork of regulations across the country.

IVF and Contraception

He noted, “you had [Justice] Clarence Thomas talking about the fact that there are going to be other things we should reconsider, including—in vitro fertilization, including contraception, including all these things.”

hands holding blister packet of contraceptive pills

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This comment pointed to Thomas’s concurring opinion, which suggested that the Court should reconsider other precedents based on the same legal reasoning.

“Not on my watch”

He assured that fundamental rights, such as same-sex marriage, wouldn’t be reversed under his administration. “Not on my watch,” he affirmed to a cheering audience.

President Joe Biden pointing in 2024.

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Biden reinforced his commitment to protecting civil liberties and maintaining progressive advancements.

New Supreme Court Nominees

“Elect me again,” Biden urged, emphasizing that “the next president is likely to have two new Supreme Court nominees. Two more.”

The Supreme Court justices seen together in a group portrait in 2022.

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This assertion highlighted the significant influence the next president could have on the Court’s ideological balance, which could impact American law and society for generations.


Inverted American Flag

Biden criticized Trump’s previous Supreme Court appointments, saying, “He’s already appointed two that are—have been very negative in terms of the rights of individuals.” He referred to reports of Justice Samuel Alito flying an inverted American flag at his home in January 2021, a symbol used by Trump supporters who falsely claimed the 2020 election was “stolen.”

Inverted American flag on wooden surface

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This incident, which drew considerable attention, was interpreted by many as a political statement, further polarizing public opinion regarding the Court’s perceived impartiality.


Judicial Ethics

Alito later confirmed to Fox News that the flag was indeed flown upside down at his residence in Alexandria, Virginia, explaining that his wife had done so in response to a neighborhood sign that read “F*** Trump.”

A large group of people waving supporter flags and American flags while loitering on the steps of the U.S. capitol building

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Despite this, the conservative justice did not recuse himself from two pending cases involving Trump and the January 6 Capitol attack, raising questions about judicial ethics and the impartiality of Supreme Court justices in politically charged cases.


Majority Republican

The Supreme Court currently has a six-justice supermajority of Republican appointees, with three of them—Neil Gorsuch (2017), Brett Kavanaugh (2018), and Amy Coney Barrett (2020).

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They were appointed by Trump.


“One of the Scariest parts of it”

Biden called the prospect of Trump appointing two more justices “one of the scariest parts of it.”

Former president and candidate for the 2024 election, Donald Trump, speaks to an audience in front of several American flags

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There are widespread concerns among progressives about the potential rollback of rights and freedoms under a more conservative Court.


Record Amount Fundraiser

The Los Angeles fundraiser, featuring actors Julia Roberts and George Clooney, set a new Democratic Party record for the amount raised in a single night.

A close-up of many different American dollar bills.

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It surpassed the previous record of $26 million, which Biden achieved at a Manhattan fundraiser earlier this year with former presidents Obama and Bill Clinton.


Support for Re-election

The event was a testament to the high-profile support and substantial financial backing for Biden’s campaign.

President Joe Biden talks on the phone with Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, R-Tenn., Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2021, in the Oval Office of the White House.

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The record-breaking sum underscored the urgency and determination of Biden’s supporters to secure his re-election.