San Diego County Beaches Face Closures Over Water Contamination

By: Sam Watanuki | Published: Jul 08, 2024

San Diego County health officials recently announced several beach closures due to elevated bacteria levels. The closures are aimed at ensuring public safety and preventing waterborne illnesses.

This update affects some of the county’s most popular beaches, which are now off-limits for swimming and other water activities.

Silver Strand Shoreline Affected

The Silver Strand Shoreline is one of the beaches impacted by the closures. Spanning from north Carnation to south Avenida Lunar, this area is known for its picturesque views and family-friendly atmosphere.

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Unfortunately, bacteria levels have surpassed health standards, making it unsafe for water contact.

Imperial Beach Under Closure

Imperial Beach Shorelines, stretching from the south end of Seacost Drive to north of Carnation Avenue, are also closed.

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This beach is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. The closure is a significant precautionary measure to ensure the well-being of beachgoers.

Tijuana Slough Shoreline Closed

The Tijuana Slough Shoreline, including Border Field State Park and the Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge, is closed as well.

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This area, located at the U.S./Mexico border, is renowned for its natural beauty and diverse wildlife. The contamination poses a risk to both humans and the environment.

Water Contact Advisories Issued for La Jolla

In addition to closures, water contact advisories have been issued for La Jolla’s Children’s Pool.

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Known for its seals and stunning coastal views, this spot now faces potential health risks due to high bacteria levels. Visitors are advised to avoid water contact until further notice.

Coronado Beach Advisory

Coronado Beach, specifically Avenida Lunar, is under advisory.

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Coronado is famous for its pristine sands and historic hotel, but the current advisory warns against water activities. Officials are closely monitoring the situation to ensure safety.


Ocean Beach's Dog Beach Affected

Dog Beach in Ocean Beach, from the San Diego River outlet to 300 feet south, is also under advisory.

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This popular spot for dog owners is now a health concern due to contamination. Pet owners should take extra caution and avoid letting their pets swim.


Why These Measures Are Necessary

Elevated bacteria levels in the water can cause various illnesses, including gastrointestinal issues, skin rashes, and respiratory problems.

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The health officials’ decision to close beaches and issue advisories is a proactive step to protect public health and prevent the spread of these illnesses.


How Bacteria Levels Are Monitored

San Diego County regularly tests water quality at its beaches to ensure safety. These tests measure bacteria levels and help officials decide whether to issue closures or advisories.

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The recent test results showed levels exceeding health standards, prompting the current measures.


Impact on Local Communities

Beach closures and advisories have a significant impact on local communities. Businesses that rely on beach tourism, such as cafes, rental shops, and hotels, may see a decrease in visitors.

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Residents and tourists alike are feeling the effects of these necessary precautions.


Historical Context of Beach Closures

San Diego County has faced similar beach closures in the past due to water contamination, some as recently as last May. These incidents highlight the ongoing challenges of maintaining water quality in coastal areas.

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Efforts to improve water treatment and pollution control are crucial in preventing future closures.


Staying Updated on Beach Conditions

For the latest information on beach conditions and water quality in San Diego County, visit

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Staying informed helps residents and visitors make safe decisions about beach activities. Health officials continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as needed.