Stephen King’s Election Comment Continues to Gain Momentum

By: Sam Watanuki | Published: Jun 21, 2024

Stephen King’s tweet comparing the 2024 election to “Antiques Roadshow” has gone viral. The famous author highlighted the ages of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, sparking widespread discussion online.

The post quickly gained traction, with 373,000 views and hundreds of comments, reflecting the growing interest in the age and cognitive abilities of the presidential candidates.

Biden and Trump's Ages in Focus

The 2024 election sees Biden, 81, and Trump, 78, competing in a rematch of the 2020 race. Both candidates have faced scrutiny over their ages and mental acuity, especially after making public gaffes.

A close-up of an elderly person’s clasped hands.

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Their advanced ages have become a significant talking point, with many questioning whether they are fit to lead the country.

Public Reactions to King's Comment

King’s tweet elicited a wide range of reactions from social media users. Some defended Biden and Trump’s capabilities, while others found humor in the comparison.

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Comments varied, with one user predicting a landslide victory for Biden and another humorously suggesting Trump needs more “varnish.” The post clearly struck a chord with many, showcasing diverse opinions.

Historical Significance of the 2024 Election

Political observers consider the 2024 election one of the most crucial in modern history. With Biden and Trump as the presumptive Democratic and Republican nominees, the race is set to be a defining moment.

Trump and Biden stood behind podiums during debate

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Their policies on key issues like the economy and abortion rights are under intense scrutiny, making the election highly consequential.

Jon Stewart's Take on the Candidates' Ages

Comedian Jon Stewart also commented on Biden and Trump’s ages, coining the term “Indecision 2024 Antiques Roadshow.”

Photo from the 2015 Antiques Roadshow at Plas Newydd in Wales. A television camera is seen on the left, with an antiques expert in a suit standing next to a painting on an easel and a small crowd of onlookers standing behind the painting.

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On his return to The Daily Show, Stewart humorously pointed out that both candidates are “chronologically outside the norm” for presidential contenders.

Stephen King's Political Stance

Stephen King has a long history of political engagement, particularly with the Democratic Party. He joined the party in 1970 and has been vocal in his opposition to Trump.

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In 2016, King was among 450 writers who signed an open letter against Trump’s candidacy, highlighting his support for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


Ages and Presidential Fitness

The discussion about Biden and Trump’s ages ties into broader concerns about the physical and cognitive demands of the presidency.

President Biden pointing index finger

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While some argue that age brings experience and wisdom, others worry about the candidates’ ability to handle the job’s pressures. This debate is likely to continue as the election approaches.


Public Gaffes on the Campaign Trail

Both Biden and Trump have made notable gaffes during their campaigns, often misnaming politicians and world leaders.

Republican presidential candidate and former US President Donald Trump greets supporters at his caucus night

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These mistakes have fueled the debate over their cognitive abilities. Such incidents have become fodder for critics and comedians alike, adding to the election’s already high-stakes nature.


Social Media's Role in Political Discourse

Platforms like X (formerly Twitter) play a significant role in shaping political discourse. King’s tweet is a prime example of how social media can amplify a message and spark widespread conversation.

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The rapid spread of his comment shows the power of these platforms in the modern political landscape.


Humor in Political Commentary

Humor has become an important tool in political commentary, as seen with King’s tweet and Stewart’s jokes.

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These humorous takes can make serious topics more accessible and engaging for the public. They also provide a way to critique and question political figures in a less confrontational manner.


The Impact of Celebrity Voices

Celebrity voices like Stephen King’s can significantly influence public opinion. As a renowned author with a large following, King’s comments carry weight.

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His involvement in political discussions highlights how celebrities can shape conversations and bring attention to critical issues.


Looking Ahead to the 2024 Election

As the 2024 election draws nearer, the debate over Biden and Trump’s ages is likely to intensify. Both candidates will continue to be scrutinized for their cognitive abilities and fitness for office.

Trump holding a fist pump and Biden pointing his index finger

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Stephen King’s viral comment is just one of many voices contributing to this ongoing conversation.