Threats Cause Multiple U.S. Military Bases in Europe To Activate Rare Alert Status

By: Stephanie Bontorin | Published: Jul 01, 2024

Threats to U.S. military-connected bases in Europe have been forced to issue threat alerts until further notice. Now, the bases that have issued the early alerts increased the level to ‘Charlie.’

The bases that were notified to increase the threat level include the European Command headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany and the Aviano Air Base in Italy.

What is a Charlie Level Threat?

The military says that Charlie level “applies when an incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating some form of terrorist action or targeting against personnel or facilities is likely.”


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To ensure safety precautions on the Military bases, anyone who enters or leaves will be asked to provide an ID check and verification.

No Specifics Given About the Threat Yet

A spokesperson for the US military has declined to comment on any specifics regarding the security alert on the two European bases.

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European Command says that the alert could occur because of various factors that play into U.S. military community safety.

First Threat This High In a Decade

CNN recently reported that this threat is the first time that European bases have issued such an alert in over a decade.

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Generally, US bases in Europe assist with conflicts in the area. Since the United States doesn’t have any ongoing conflicts on the continent, it doesn’t face any threats or persecution.

Large Events in Europe Often Bring Terrorism Threats

Currently, the European Soccer championships are underway in Germany. As well, in neighbouring France, Paris will be hosting the Olympics, which begin this month.

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Massive events such as these often bring with them heightened security threats because of crowd sizes and past terrorist threats in large groups.

There Have Been Several Successful Terrorist Attacks in Europe

Although Europe is made up of advanced and civilized countries, the continent is extremely close to several war-torn countries that produce religious extremism and terrorists.

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In 2017, an Islamic terrorist set off a bomb during an Ariana Grande concert. The attack during the pop show took the country by surprise. Sadly, 22 people lost their lives and more than one thousand people were injured.


What Was the Motivation for the Bombing?

After the identities of the bombers were discovered, it was revealed that the motivation was to bring attention to children dying during bombings stemming from American-led intervention in the Syrian civil war.

A young girl walks though an area destroyed by bombs

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It was uncovered during the police investigation that the two responsible for the attack in Manchester had met with members of Al-Qaeda and were a part of the Libyan Civil war.


U.S. Military Safety Abroad Is a Serious Issue

The European Central Command noted in their statement that they are “constantly assessing a variety of factors that play into the safety of the U.S. military community abroad. As part of that effort, we oftentimes take additional steps to ensure the safety of our service members.”


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The safety and security of Americans abroad are taken with the utmost seriousness. Generally, U.S. bases are incredibly safe and avoid of any international conflicts.


Family of Military Members Told To Keep a Low Profile

While stationed overseas, many military personnel choose to bring their families with them. This often means that kids of active military members could go to schools nearby and experience the local culture.

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Due to the threats received, family members have been told to go about their daily business but avoid drawing attention to themselves as Americans.


Ongoing Wars in Gaza and Ukraine Could Contribute

The ongoing war between Palestine and Israel could contribute to the threats. Many critics of the war say that the U.S. needs to better intervene in the conflict.

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In Gaza, almost 40,000 people have been killed due to bombings and military action. More than 15,000 of those are children.


France Has Raised Its Security Level During Possible Political Unrest

The Olympics arriving in France isn’t the only event causing security concerns in the country. Since March, France has raised the national security alert system to its highest level due to the federal elections in the country.

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According to the U.S. embassy in France, “French authorities actively monitor terrorist threats from organized groups and radicalized individuals. Attacks may happen with little or no warning, targeting tourist locations, major sporting and cultural events, and other public areas that attract large numbers of civilians.”


No Reason To Be Alarmed for Now

Due to the current climate in the world, it’s easy to be alarmed by threats of violence. However, the U.S. military bases have ample protection and, luckily, detailed intelligence to dissuade possible attacks.

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Government officials are alerting American residents abroad to stay safe and vigilant but not to be overly afraid of the heightened threat level.