UFO Unsolved Mystery Could Be Result of Advanced ‘Stealth Civilization’ on Earth

By: Alyssa Miller | Published: Jun 22, 2024

Does life exist beyond Earth? It is a question that many have debated for decades, pointing to evidence both supporting and debunking the existence of alien life.

Now, two Harvard scientists are working together to prove that life exists somewhere else in the universe and has been on Earth this entire time.

A “Stealth” Civilization

In a new research paper, the scientists estimate that there is a one in ten chance that “cryptoterrestrials,” or an advanced species, are living in secret on Earth.

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With a large portion of the Earth still unmapped and unexplored, ancient mysteries like Yonaguni Jima, the “Japanese Atlantis,” and the unexplored caves deep in the sea could be home to a “stealth” civilization.

They Live in Uncharted Parts of the World

“[T]his notion may sound unlikely on first hearing, many observers are persuaded that it is at least conceivable,” the team wrote in their new study featured in the journal Philosophy and Cosmology (via the DailyMail), “not least because whole swathes of our planet remain virtually unexplored and uncharted.”

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“If another intelligent species had inhabited Earth (or Mars) long before Homo sapiens, it is possible that we could have no idea.”

The Search for Answers

Scientists have collaborated on this work to ensure that all viable theories are considered for the UFO mystery.

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UFO information has been a hot topic in recent years, with the US government and NASA releasing previously classified documents regarding alien life.

NASA’s Take on Alien Life

The 33-page NASA documents detailed information on a recent study of UFOs by an independent team and stated that new scientific techniques, including advanced satellites, could shift how people perceive unidentified flying objects.


However, the documents state that the study was inconclusive in confirming whether or not the UFOs had extraterrestrial origins.

The US Government’s Take on Alien Life

A recent study from the Pentagon also examined reported sightings of UFOs over the last century but found no evidence of aliens or extraterrestrial intelligence in these “crash sites.”

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This finding is consistent with past US government efforts to assess the accuracy of claims that alien life is present on Earth.


Life Hidden on Earth

However, these Harvard scientists suggest that a new study is worthwhile as it could investigate the chances of a “cryptoterrestrial” species hiding near UFO sites, either within the Earth or near its surface.

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One of these locations includes the “dark side” of the moon, which is still largely a mystery to most humans on Earth.


Looking In the Alaskan Triangle

Another region the scientists consider a great place to research is the “Alaskan Triangle,” a remote and sparsely populated area between the Alaskan cities of Anchorage, Juneau, and Utqiagvik.

The Northern Lights in the night sky in Alaska

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The authors describe this “prominent ‘hotspot’ for UAP [UFOs], as well as other oddities,” as a perfect candidate for exploration and research.


Ground Zero for Unusual Activities

The Triangle has experienced over 20,000 unexplained disappearances since the 1970s.

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The largely unpopulated and uninhabitable stretch of land is also notable for its unusually high number of UFO sightings.


Evidence Found in the Alaskan Triangle

The researchers also point to archaeological findings from the Triangle that suggest the existence of ancient civilizations that would have not only predated any known advanced species but could still exist in a remote part of the region.

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A diver discovered a massive submerged stone structure off the coast of Yonaguni Jima, which some marine geologists argue is the 5,000-year-old remnants of a pyramid.


Life Underground

But not all inhabitable regions on Earth are believed to be the home of these “cryptoterrestrials.” Habitable regions underground could also be home to these species in hiding, as they offer the right conditions to support life.

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“For instance, the team recently found that the mantle transition zone (255 to 410 miles underground) acts as a large reservoir of water,” they note in their study.


Do Aliens Live Among Us?

From deep underwater ocean trenches to the dark side of the moon, there could be many potential homes for a “cryptoterrestrial” species that has been living on Earth much longer than humans have existed.

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While scientists need to conduct more research to explore these vast, unknown parts of the world, they seem eager and ready to stop looking at the stars for answers about life outside this world.